Belgian Linen Canvas Prints

We specialize in museum quality Belgian Linen canvas fine art prints.

Belgian Linen Canvas Prints

Belgian Linen™ is a unique European textile which is woven in Belgium by members of the Masters of Linen Club. It has be prized for thousands of years for the high quality, softness, and durability it offers. It naturally has a rich color absorption and is lint-free and hypoallergenic. This is why Belgian Linen™ is widely known as the world’s finest linen available.

Belgian Linen Canvas prints are especially unique in that they accentuate your fine art and photographs with a subtle texture that gives them the appearance normally reserved for original painted artwork.

Belgian Canvas Printing Process

Our 11-Color UV Printer incorporates the latest imaging technology to produce beautiful vibrant output up to 44″ wide up to 2,880 x 1,1440 dpi. Our capabilities allow us to produce beautiful high quality printed output with vibrant accurate colors, rich tones, exceptional detail and superior black color density. Perfect for fine art and photographic images.

  • Next-Generation 11-Color Pigment Ink Technology
  • Capable of printing up to 2,880 x 1,440 dpi
  • Outstanding color gamut
  • Optional violet ink for commercial proofing applications
  • Superior black density*
  • Better print permanence

Belgian Linen Canvas Print Options

Folded Edge – Folded Edge gallery wrapped canvas prints are where the printed canvas is wrapped over the stretcher bar frame in classic gallery style. This style creates almost a three dimensional look to your print.

Mirrored Edge – Mirrored Edge gallery wrapped canvas prints are very similar to folded edge prints except that the entire image is visible on the front of the frame. The folded edges are mirrored and inverted to match the edge of the printed art or photograph.

Matte Finish – Matte finish is a low glare coating that is best suited for fine art or photographs that are high in contrast and contain a fair amount of dark shadows and complex color variations.

Gloss FinishGloss finish creates a glossier, clearer appearance to the canvas print. A gloss finish enhances prints by increasing density, which brightens the color of printed images. Therefore colors appear to be more vibrant and shadows seem darker.

Benefits of Belgian Linen Canvas Prints

  • Masters of Linen member – a mark of authenticity and is very exclusive (only 19 linen weavers worldwide)
  • Belgian Linen trademark – a guarantee of quality linen woven in Belgium
  • Naturally is hypoallergenic and lint free
  • The organic flax is grown with no irrigation and few or no pesticides
  • Growing flax is much easier on the farmland than cotton
  • Made with only the highest-quality flax from France, Belgium, and the Netherlands
  • Woven linen is stronger and tougher than poly cotton
  • Zero waste manufacturing – all parts of the flax are used
  • 100% biodegradable or recyclable
  • Naturally has rich color absorption
  • CO2 neutral linen mill

Mounting options

All Belgian Linen Canvas prints come ready to hang for your convenience, complete with all the required mounting hardware.