8 Benefits of Hemp
What are the benefits of hemp paper compared to classically produced wood-based papers? Why hemp paper? Trees grow slowly, but hemp is a fast-growing and readily renewable raw material. Hemp plants can be cultivated easily and utilized fully. Hemp paper is a sustainable alternative to conventional wood-based paper. Eight reasons for this:
1. One field of hemp yields four to five times as much paper as a forest of the same size.
2. Hemp grows to a height of up to four meters per year.
3. Hemp can be harvested three times each year, but trees can be harvested only once every seven years.
4. Hemp produces more biomass than any other domestic crop.
5. Hemp plants are pest resistant and require less pesticides during cultivation.
6. Hemp eliminates its own weeds, so less herbicides are used.
7. The hemp fiber is naturally light and requires less bleaching
8. The long hemp fibers improve the waste paper cycle and can be recycled more often.