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Photo Prints

Photo Prints

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Vibrance Matte Photo Paper

Traditional resin coated photo base paper
10 mil, 255 gsm, 96% Opacity, 92% Brightness

Smooth matte finish | 12 mil thickness | 230 gsm weight

Often used by professionals, matte photo paper is free of shine, resulting in more muted colors. Great for fine art reproduction and photo printing in the consumer and décor markets. Low-glare and bright white color lends itself great for high-contrast and black and white images. It is better suited for less vibrant color schemes or monochrome shots, particularly if you were trying to imitate a film effect.

  • Low Glare Appearance
  • Perfect for Black & White Fine Art photographs or images
  • Accentuates textures
  • Architecture photos
  • High Contrast images
  • Landscape Images
  • Macro photos
  • Wildlife photos

Vibrance Gloss Photo Paper

Our 11-Color UV Printer incorporates the latest imaging technology to produce beautiful vibrant output up to 44″ wide up to 2,880 x 1,1440 dpi. Our capabilities allow us to produce beautiful high quality printed output with vibrant accurate colors, rich tones, exceptional detail and superior black color density. Perfect for fine art and photographic images.

  • Next-Generation 11-Color Pigment Ink Technology
  • Capable of printing up to 2,880 x 1,440 dpi
  • Outstanding color gamut
  • Optional violet ink for commercial proofing applications
  • Superior black density*
  • Better print permanence

Vibrance Metallic Photo Paper

Eye-catching metallic effect finish
Metallic finish | 10 mil thickness | 255 gsm weight

Vibrance Metallic is the first and currently the only metallic photo paper that delivers a comparable look, feel, and quality of the Kodak metallic process. It is a unique and exceptional photo paper that is genuine, true metallic. This means that you can see metallic from every angle that you view the print from. You’ll know it’s a true metallic the second you see it. Vibrance Metallic paper gives your print an almost 3D effect. It brings out the light in the image with a slight shimmer.

  • Your images will appear exceptionally clear and crisp
  • Perfect for creating stunning black & white photographic prints
  • Has the same benefits as similar photo lab equivalents
  • Provides a richer and more vibrant look than traditional photo paper
  • Extremely durable, pearl surface, resistant to tearing and curling
  • Not suited for framed applications with glass
  • Images with solid colors, reflections, and negative white space
  • Images featuring metal and reflections

Vibrance Luster Photo Paper

Luster finish | 10 mil thickness | 255 gsm weight

Vibrance Luster is a heavyweight photo paper, developed for the discerning photographer who demands maximum color gamut and image resolution. Vibrance Luster allows for maximum ink coverage and produces stunningly vivid images that gives the product a true photographic feel. Luster is perfect for applications that require a compromise between glossy and matte finish. The satin finish which resembles pearl in its visual appearance, breaks up reflections and glare, making viewing from all angles easy such as in the case of a print displayed in a gallery setting.

  • Luster paper is more resistant to fading over time
  • Useful when prints will be viewed from various angles
  • Perfect for Gallery settings
  • Prints framed behind glass on Luster paper show less glare
  • Luster paper hides scratches and scuffs best
  • Well suited for framed applications with glass
  • Slight reflective sheen with a very subtle texture
  • Portraits and Weddings

Benefits of Photo Paper

  • Water-resistant and drys to ink instantly
  • Produced with a proprietary inkjet receptive coating that delivers off-the-chart color gamuts
  • Most popular choice among professional photographers and artists
  • Archival certified for 100+ years 
  • Perfect for photography prints
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