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Brushed Metal Prints

Brushed Metal Prints

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Brushed Aluminum Dibond

Brushed Aluminum Dibond is a composite material. It is 1/8 in. (3 mm) thick and has 3 layers. Two brushed aluminum layers sandwich a black polyethylene core. This combination of materials gives you the durability of metal at a fraction of the weight.

Direct Print on Brushed Aluminum

Printing Process

At SPS Art & Photo we print your digital file directly onto the Brushed Metal substrate. The process involves direct print with vibrant UV inks that transfer the color and detail directly onto the Brushed Metal surface without distortions or color variations. Contrary to some websites that dispute the quality of direct to print Brushed Metal, todays current print technology as well as advancements in UV print equipment and the composition of high tech plastics has advanced the quality of direct to print Brushed Metal to where it is as superior in quality to face mounted printing.

An added benefit of direct print to Brushed Metal is that the process is less labor intensive which translates to a better value for the client.

Benefits of Brushed Aluminum Prints

  • Perfect application for outdoor or extreme conditions.
  • Luminosity and Depth
  • Durability of metal at a fraction of the weight
  • Resistance to weathering and aging
  • Resistance to heat and chemicals
  • Colorfast and continuous throughout

Brushed Aluminum mounting options

All Brushed Aluminum prints come ready to hang for your convenience, complete with all the required mounting hardware.

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