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Foamcore uses

Foamcore is a versatile material often used for printing signs, posters, and displays. It consists of a lightweight foam center sandwiched between two layers of paper. This construction makes it sturdy yet easy to handle. One of its main benefits for printing is its smooth surface, which provides excellent adhesion for inks and other printing materials, resulting in vibrant and crisp graphics. Additionally, foamcore is easy to cut and shape, allowing for custom designs and sizes. Its lightweight nature makes it convenient for transportation and installation, while its durability ensures that prints remain intact even in high-traffic areas. Overall, foamcore is a popular choice for printing due to its versatility, quality output, and ease of use.

Premium Ultraboard Foamcore

  • Fade Resistant UV ink
  • Favored Durability for Interior Permanent Displays and Signs
  • Warp and Moisture Resistant, High Impact, Litho-grade Polystyrene Foam Board Facers
  • Standard Sheet Sizes of 48″ x 96″, 60″ x 96″, 50″ x 100″ and 60″ x 120″
  • CNC cut to shape

Benefits of Fine Art Paper

  • Water-resistant and drys to ink instantly,
  • Produced with a proprietary inkjet receptive coating that delivers off-the-chart color gamuts.
  • Delivers extremely deep shadows and accentuates the richness of black inks.
  • Optimized to display the most pleasing reproduction of skin tones on print.
  • Archival certified for 100+ years. 
  • Perfect for photography prints.
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